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What To Expect!!

  1. Personal History
  2. Understanding Your Current Situation
  3. Shifting Mindset
  4. Creating Your Personalised Program
  5. Receive A Free Copy Of "The 7 Year Old Child Into A Man" Ebook

Follow This Link And Get A 30 Minute Free Consultation https://payhip.com/QINFINITY

Self Discovery = Self Mastery

The Perception Of Your Reality Is = To The Projection Of Your Life!!

Once We Discover That It Is Not The World Around Us That Causes Pain,

Rather By Not Forgiving Ourselves, We Fail To Find Out Who We Really Are!!

Ego = Most Destructive Part Of A Human Being!!


Our Discovery Sessions Have Been Designed To Find The Core Of Any Problem

Of Any Kind!!

We Provide A Unique View About Your Journey In All Aspects Of Your Life:

  • Personal
  • Nutrition & Health
  • Mindset
  • Pain Relief
  • PTSD
  • Career
  • Business

We Work Through Scientific Research Based On Brain & Human Behaviour.

Some Of Our Methods Of Therapy Are:

  • Hypnosis Connects Conscious Mind With Unconscious Mind
  • Timeline Therapy Releases Negative Emotions/PTSD/Pain Relief
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Transforms Your Mindset Forever
  • Advanced Meta Programs Discover 95% Of Your Brain Coding/Hidden Behaviour
  • Akashic Files (Soul Origin & Cycle) Helps You Find Your Path From The Spiritual To The Physical World

Follow This Link And Get A 30 Minute Free Consultation https://payhip.com/QINFINITY

We Will Empower You To Take The Next Step Towards Freedom And Success!!

30 Minute Session Via Zoom/Call

Get Started Today!!

Looking Forward To Talking To You,

Best Regards,

Daniel Jaime

Mastermind Mentor

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Quantum Linguistics

Master Hypnotherapist

Master Timeline Therapy

Meta Medicine/GNM

Enquiries: 043 113 2044

"Truth Doesn't Reside In Your Head, It Resides In Your Heart"

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