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About BaiLa!!

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BaiLa Is A Unique Method Of Communication & Self Expression Through Dance!!

The System Is Designed
By Daniel Jaime Professional Dancer & Choreographer As Ten Simple Moves That Allows Enough
Freedom Of Self Expression
For Anyone To Be Able To Learn How To Dance/Workout & Have The Best Time While Burning Calories In No Time!!

The First Dance Styles In BaiLa Were Salsa/Reggaeton/Merengue/Samba/Dancehall/Brazillian Funk/Afro/Zouk/Axé & Hip Hop!!

◦ Bollywood
◦ Disco
◦ House

The Range Of Different Styles Not Only Gives The Participant A Sense Of Challenge And Achievement Within Each Routine. It Rebuilds Your Confidence Giving You Back Your Innate Self Expression Through MUSIC!!

What People Say

I tried BaiLa Fitness for the first time 3 months ago and have not stopped since - I absolutely love it!!! It is a great workout and doesn’t feel like exercise. You literally smile from start to finish and you just don’t want the session to end. The choreography is amazing and the music is thoughtfully selected. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a great time, dance your socks off (co-ordinated or un-coordinated) without judgement from anyone. Give it a try you will not regret it ❤️

— Michelle Mok Chia

Confessions of a BaiLa Junkie

A chronic addiction to BaiLa since 2014. Requiring 3-4 classes per week to satisfy those cravings!
Other Cardio-dance workouts don't offer that unique colourful BaiLa experience. That blend of sexy Latino dance styles, rhythms, music and choreography. After one becomes familiar with the 10 basic steps for each dance genre - you continue to be challenged with variations introduced on a regular basis.
You always leave a BaiLa fitness session feeling energized & exhilarated, knowing you did something worthwhile for your health and well-being (physically & mentally).
GO ON TRY IT. You will be hooked and wanting MORE ✔

— Anne Wong

BaiLa is a super fun and dynamic Latino fitness dance class. I have been doing BaiLa for just over a year now and since joining have not looked back! I love the combination of awesome tunes, latino dancing and a truly great workout. The class leaves me feeling energised, happy, smiling and I always look forward to the next one.

— Jo Rosic

BaiLa makes me feel joyful, reduces my stress and makes me feel happy and healthy all over. I have been doing ‘BaiLa’ for 7 years, it is a great cardiovascular exercise that gives me energy and motivation, plus boost my brainpower and memory. The beauty of each BaiLa class is that I don’t perceive it to be exercise, I don’t think about it in the same way I think about going to the gym.

— Victoria Pedregal

BaiLa is truly an uplifting experience. I have been doing BaiLa for 8 years now and love it.

It’s a great way to exercise, tone up and feel strong but most of all feel incredibly alive through dance. I highly recommend it to all, the feeling after every class leaves you energised and happy which helps you through everyday life.

— Grace Cannata

BaiLa for me is a release. It's a dance class that is full of energy and so uplifting it's hard not to leave feeling lighter in body/spirit and brighter in mind. It helps clear my head and stabilise my mood while allowing me to relax and feel enjoyment with my stress melting away. It also keeps my brain active while testing my coordination and muscle strength. I've been going to BaiLa for about a year and a half and I recommend it to everyone as it improves all qualities in ones life! I'm so glad I took that first step which has shown my soul true happiness.

— Carmen Beard

I first found BaiLa 7 years ago but I moved away and have only come back to it regularly for just over a year. It was a dream for me to up my fitness and to improve my dance skills. BaiLa has definitely led me to achieve both. All the while it’s fun and it’s hot! It’s such a good opportunity really!

— Isabella Reid

I did the BaiLa instructor training 4 years ago. The full day course was super comprehensive, covering technique, musicality, class structure, choreography and passion! I have not stopped teaching, nor learning since 😁💃💃 !!

The BaiLa basic 10 Step System covers styles including salsa, samba, merengue, reggaeton, zouk... just to name a few. The best thing about BaiLa is that once you ( and your students!) have mastered the basics, there are so many ways to the vary the steps to make every track progressive, challenging, exciting and fun! There is always room to add more Latino flavour 😉!

The music available is incredible and continually updated, and the choreography is unrivalled by any other dance fitness class I have taught!

— Sarah Chapman

After 8 years of doing 3-4 BaiLa classes every week I still eagerly anticipate every class and leave feeling happy and energised but also tired as it’s a really good workout. The music makes you want to move and all the moves in class fit perfectly to the music.

My fitness has definitely improved by doing BaiLa and so has my dancing! Taking the moves out onto the dance floor socially has gotten me a lot of compliments.

I recommend BaiLa to anyone who loves dancing, young or old, experienced or not, if you love to move there’s nothing better than BaiLa

— Jane McIntyre

BaiLa always makes me smile. I leave every class feeling happy, stress free and exhilarated! I love the high-energy workout, the fantastic music and exciting choreography. Once you learn the basics, you will not want to stop. Baila is not like any other exercise program I have tried, it is my healthy addiction. Every class is like a party with friends.

— Christine Bates

My first memory of Daniel starts way back in the early stages of GoodLife gym in Camberwell (was it 8 or more years ago?) when a newly arrived hot Latino instructor from Colombia launched a dance class called BaiLa. Mamma Mia! Tuesday mornings quickly became my favourite exercise experience of the week.

A loyal band of BaiLa devotees quickly formed and rain, hail or shine, we samba-ed, chachacha-ed and merengued to the pulsing rhythms of a sexy Latino American beat. Hitting the magic 60 saw me incorporate a birthday celebration around a South American dance theme lead by Daniel and Michelle with BaiLa Party moves. Wot a memorable night that was! Over 2 years ago I stepped up to Satori dance studio four classes a week- I love my dancing even more. I’m passionate about it! It’s never a chore! My neural pathways will thank me in my dotage so until then I’m intent on dancing 🕺 with Daniel into my 70’s!! I’m so grateful for Daniel’s passion and high energy which constantly inspires me to live a happy and healthy life.

— Nancie Robinson

BaiLa Fitness is a special kind of magic! It's the complete package - everything and more that I was searching for in a group fitness class for many, many years. Which is why I have been doing it since 2010 and why I can never imagine a time where it not part of my week! But beware, once you become a "BaiLarina", it is completely addictive and you will find yourself scheduling the rest of your life around when the classes are! But it's not just that the classes are filled with fabulous music and energising moves.

Where else can you find a calorie burning cardio workout that also brings fitness, co-ordination, balance, strength, memory and learning? That keeps you fit and smiling and singing afterwards? That you actually look forward to and feel flat if you can't get there? That gives you all the positive energy and vibes to take into your day? That makes you feel completely fabulous! The answer is ... nowhere else! BaiLa is the answer!

— Jo Tregear

I did my first class with Daniel almost 8 years ago in Recreation Armadale . On the insistence of a good friend, I came to the Monday night class and didn’t stop smiling the entire class!!
I was attending and trialling other Latin “style” dance workouts at the time, however, BaiLa was the only one I LOVED!! It was a dance-based, high-energy, fitness program ... with the BEST music!! One class and I was all in !!!!

Almost immediately I changed my fitness regime to accommodate 3 to 4 classes a week.
Every class was exciting and exhilarating. Upon leaving every class in a happy sweat, I honestly couldn’t wait for the next class.

It was my outlet, my therapy, my escape.... my time to express and be myself as I wanted; and my body shape and fitness also started to change and improve quite quickly too. I was already a member at the gym for a number of years doing various cardio workouts, but BaiLa took me to a whole new level of fitness and happiness!!

Sheer elation is what I felt at the end of each class, and at the beginning, knowing what was coming. One hour packed with the most invigorating music, each genre of dance and its music appealing to a different style of movement, being and an intimate layer of self. Dance allows you to express yourself in a way that words never can. An extension of yourself, and what you feel in any moment, that in a dance class never comes under question because it is your expression alone - BaiLa provides the perfect forum for this outlet!!

I loved it so much, I became an instructor!!
Having danced most of my life, BaiLa was the perfect marriage of dance and fitness. I have been an instructor since 2012 and I still love the program. Both as a teacher and a student. BaiLa is easy to teach with the numbered system, and the authentic Latin styles and movements, and an ever-changing spectrum of Latin music and hits make it an addictive program!! Now I get to infuse my passion for dance and love of all things Latin to my students.

BaiLa is no longer just a dance class for me, we are a community. Like-minded lovers of Latino dance, we have enjoyed many great moments, performed at festivals and shared social events together. ....all beginning from the studio dance floor.

BaiLa and Daniel have truly been a life-changing encounter.

— Michelle Segman

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