What is BaiLa Fitness?

BaiLa Fitness advocates for optimum health and wellbeing through dance and fitness.

We offer a wide range of programs including:

  • BaiLa Dance Fitness – Learn to dance and get fit with our unique numbered system of 10 basic steps per style.
  • BaiLa Pro-Training – group and online training to get fit, strong and toned.
  • Personal training – Personalised training for weight-loss, competitive training, rehab and mindset.
  • BaiLa Streetdance – Kids dance program
  • BaiLa Corporate – Active breaks to enhance workplace productivity, health and well-being.
  • BaiLaFit Nutrition – Nutrition for life
  • Train the trainer – Become a qualified health and fitness coach

The aim underpinning all our programs is for participants to feel empowered, inspired and energized.

Our Mission

Our philosophy is based on a foundation of ten principles that guide, move, inspire and empower people:

  1. Health first
  2. Connecting with yourself and others
  3. Love and care
  4. Be open to new possibilities
  5. Build a sense of community
  6. Inspiration
  7. Sharing
  8. There is no right or wrong
  9. Do your best
  10. Be coachable (giving up knowing.)

BaiLa Fitness is committed to help Australians and the world feel inspired and empowered to live a healthier and happier life.

Our Case for Action

Obesity and health statistics show that Australia has one of the highest rates of obesity in the world.
The first world is experiencing a global health crisis of overweight, obese and sedentary people. This has led to a dramatic increase in health issues such as: heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders and rapid human ageing.

Continuous lack of action and commitment to these issues will have a massive global impact, resulting in an increasingly unhealthy and unhappy population.

BaiLa Fitness’ call to action is to address these health issues by inspiring and transforming the globe through dance and fitness.

Our Story

By the creator of BaiLa Fitness - Daniel Jaime

In the Beginning

I created BaiLa as a result of a drastic change in my life, coming from the other side of the world with no expectations, no safety net, no English or people who could help me find my way on this side of the planet.

BaiLa became the only way I could communicate with people and express my passion, personality and the best way to share what I love most - dance and fitness.

Coming to Australia and finding my way to succeed, has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. Some people may have said, ‘It’s all too hard,’ but for me, the harder it looks - the more I want to do it.

In 2012 I created a simple numbered system so people could understand and follow my lead. I attributed a number to each step and called the numbers out in class. This unique system of learning to dance became what is known today as BaiLa.

Those funny noises I initially used to cue my next step, ‘chiqui, chiqui, puku, puku, lol…’ had turned into something more. A new, universal language for dance was created – The BaiLa Numbered System.

The BaiLa Numbered System

‘Created for everyone, from anywhere in the world and for all cultures, to follow my lead.’

The numbered system became a whole new concept of teaching anyone how to dance and workout or simply to let go.

We teach many styles of dance with BaiLa such as Salsa, Samba, Afro and Dancehall. Each genre has its own set of 10 basic steps.

10 dance steps per style, is all you need to dance yourself away - let the music excite you and allow your mind and body to become one.

Dance First, Think Later is our philosophy. Over thinking isn’t the way – just feel the music and dance.

BaiLa is the release of your own self-expression, inspired by music.

How does our BaiLa community feel?

BaiLa has become people’s most wanted dance workout every week. BaiLa makes people feel happy and:

  • Full of vitality
  • Energized
  • Free and self-expressed
  • A part of our community
  • Happy
  • Supported
  • Sense of family
  • Fun
  • Contributing to a source of positive energy
  • Open to new possibilities
  • In love with life 

We call this ‘BaiLa Dance Therapy.’

Join The BaiLa Tribe

For the ones who still don’t know what BaiLa means or where it comes from, here is a brief explanation.

BaiLa means dance in Spanish and it is pronounced By-La.

For some BaiLa is just a word, but for our BaiLa community it means:

  • Happiness
  • Connection
  • Freedom
  • Self-expression
  • Achievement
  • Excitement
  • Purpose
  • Love
  • Community
  • Inspiration

How does BaiLa differ from other dance fitness programs?

  • BaiLa comes from a professional dance background, this means all steps have been taken from the authentic source of each style. Therefore, all steps can be taken anywhere, anytime.
  • The BaiLa 10 Basic Steps Per Style,’ allows anyone to follow, dance an workout. The BaiLa method offers you a structured way to get started.
  • BaiLa is the way to become happier and healthier while having the best time. Therefore you will always enjoy your workout.
  • BaiLa offers the most popular music of every style, in every class, inspiring you to dance and push beyond your limits.
  • BaiLa allows you to learn, develop and progress yourself physically, emotionally and mentally in every class.
  • BaiLa is not just a dance fitness class, it is a journey you are about to embark upon, it is a way to give yourself an opportunity to let go and connect with yourself and let the music take you to a place you have never been, it is feeling a part of something you can’t describe with words, it is the moment when happiness finds you in the most mysterious way.

Dance First, Think Later.

Daniel Jaime
Creator BaiLa Fitness